A lot of my long shoujo manga I was reading ended(done being scanlated really) since we last saw each other. I’ve found myself with a limited selection. Isn’t that sad? But let’s get it over with.

Special A

Special A

God, what a retarded manga. All that challenging and beating lead to a very uneventful ending. Everybody getting involved with other peoples problems and drama. If you like that sort of thing, be onemanga’s guest. Read it. But I will say this, Minami Maki did a better job with ‘You’re my Girlfriend’ then with Special A. ‘You’re my Girlfriend’ just had four chapters. Special A was long, drawn out and completely boring at several points. If you like romantically numb girls that involve themselves too much in their friends’ business, than here you go. Eat all 99 chapters of this up. Now, I think personally, Minami’s art is beautiful. Her young men are exceptionally good looking, but this story… It should’ve been over in five volumes. But I will say that Hikari and Kei are a wonderful pair and I’m glad the other pairings worked out the way that they did. So I can’t be upset with anything other than, it was too much sidetracking and not enough romance.

Desire Climax

Desire Climax

One manga that didn’t disappoint me was Desire Climax. It was smut, romance, intrigue, violence, homosexual prostitution of minors, maid costume, incestuous feelings, and general teenage angst. It ended well enough to me and didn’t keep me in suspense for like 80 billion chapters.  Oh yes, all that I needed in a manga at my current age (which is 27). I like reading shoujo for the drama because I do like the high school nonsense. And really reading about the human condition in such situations. And this really put it in perspective of what a real shoujo heroine has to deal with. It’s geared to teenage girls but doesn’t have any of the sugar coating. It’s raw and although it has drama that not all teenagers have to deal with, someone can step back and say “Dear god, I’m glad my life isn’t such a sewer.”

Koukou Debut

Koukou Debut

Koukou Debut, I think I will forever treasure and love this manga. And in case people think I’m a total pervert because of Desire Climax. Wrong! Not even a single amount of smut in this manga. Although sex is an issue in one chapter, it’s pretty wholesome. The art by Kawahara is lovely and even the side characters are delved into but for the most part, it stays the course focusing mostly on Haruna and Yoh. Haruna is slightly spastic and she actually makes progress like I would like to think a normal girl would. But this is manga, normal girls aren’t found here, are they? Nevertheless, it’s a charming tale. Nothing violent or overly-alarming, just a couple trying to cope with emotions and feelings they can’t really describe. Very cute and since it’s licensed by Viz, buy it. BUY IT! It even has an extra chapter called Enren Debut, if you wanna check it out. It gives us a little bit of closure because the end was just a bit sad for Haruna. God, that girl is way stronger than me.

All in all, two picks out of three. I’d suggest watching the Special A anime to save you some time. But that was horrible too. And that’s just the opening and ending songs that are pretty bad. The story itself… Well, let’s never bring this up again.

Sunshine, Unicorns and Rose bling

Sunshine, Unicorns and Rose bling

Well, Barack Obama is president as of 11pm US Eastern time last night. I watched the celebrations in Chicago on television and like most people who care about this historic step to change, I cried during his speech. Maybe, it was his eloquence and perhaps what he was saying that made me cry. But it also could have been that a half-white/half-black man just won 349 electoral votes beating out the negative campaigning by the grandpa and the idiotic beauty queen. America isn’t that stupid. Sorry.

In Jakarta, his former elementary school that he attended for 2 years as a child celebrated victoriously. In Kenya, friends and family of his father sang “We’re going to the white house.” In western Japan, there’s a city called Obama where they chanted his name and sang in praise of the president-elect. In Vatican City, Pope Benedict addressed the people with prayer and congratulations. The people he’s affected and those he still has yet to meet are looking forward to his first day on the job. As with most Americans, I can say proudly I voted for him.

But the most important thing, he’s excited us all and taken this country off that life-support. We’re taking our first breath as a rehabilitated country.

And I think that’s all I’ll say there. It’s boring to most but I live and breath politics. xD

So the interruptions never end. Mio is embarrassed while making erotic expressions. Hina is a little bastard and… Shouei-ouji-sama looks cute holding a shopping basket.

men do look sexy doing mundane tasks

men always look cute doing mundane tasks

Scanlated by A Willful Muse (Download Ch.35 here)

2 months without a post. Yeah, beat me. Actually, no don’t.

it would\'ve been a different show entirely

What is with the Japanese and the gender bending? I mean, Lelouch and Suzaku are already totally gay for each other so, why is there a need for the dresses? I mean even the seiyuu dress in drag?

the only indication that he\'s male is the pit hair.

So if that wasn’t enough to either gross you out or give you fangirl/fanboy moisture, my favorite pairing of Code Geass is getting closer and closer. In episode 8, Kallen was the one to whip(smack) Lelouch into shape. Then in Episode 9, she falls on him. They come dangerously close to kissing as they stare at each other with widened eyes. Lelouch expresses his want for Kallen to come back to Ashford with him when it’s all over. All the while, C.C. is watching with disinterest.

I thought the scene was cute although it was disgustingly cliche. Is that the only way people in anime discover that they’re getting around to liking each other? By falling on each other like that? Animators and mangaka are too abusive with their characters. These girls and guys must have bruises all over their bodies.

Pairings from Episode 9…

  • LelouchxKallen (Anyone else wanna fall on Lelouch and almost kiss him?)
  • KaguyaxZero (Husband/Escort because she has a pass to the events.)
  • ZinoxKallen (‘She’s my type!’)
  • LloydxMilly (I thought when he said he didn’t remember annulling it was cute. *squee*)
  • SchneizelxNina (Learn to walk in heels, noob.)
  • SuzakuxKaguya (Kissing cousins. Let’s rebuild the Kyoto house, k?)
  • XingkexTianzi (That’s actually a very cute pairing although she’s like what 3 years old?)


  • SuzakuxNina (LMAO They can share their grief of Euphemia and a bed.)

I think that’s the most seeders and leechers I’ve ever seen for anything but maybe it’s just me. AND it keeps going up. GO GG for getting out so early. I’ll let you know about the quality later but right now… xDD LMAO

My flagrant Haruhism aside, shoujo manga that I’ve only dreamed of being animated will come to be on Japanese TV. Not that I mind because it’s coming to my computer as soon as it’s aired and then two or three days later it’s subbed. But yes, I had my doubts about shoujo anime dying on me. All I had to watch for awhile was Zetsubou Sensei because I like comedy as well. I’m still watching it but that’s not what this post is about.

SPECIAL A and VAMPIRE KNIGHT, bitches! Since it’s almost time for them to air, everybody scream for one, the other or both! Are you as happy as I am? I’ll tell you how happy I am…So overjoyed I’d go to japan with frequent flyer miles and camp outside the studios (one odd, one even days) and wait until it was released.

Mind you, that’s scary for the studios BUT that’s how excited I am. My expectations aren’t high. I just want some shoujo anime again.

Anyway, my only beef with Special A animation is 1; Kei looks kinda weird. Still hot but weird… He’ll be played by Jun Fukuyama (You know, Lelouche… From Code Geass.) Hikari is gonna be voice by Yuko Goto (Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). I’ve never heard her voice in anything other than Mikuru but I just hope Hikari doesn’t sound too moe. xD Gonzo will be doing this animation. So, yeah, it’s either gonna be good or terrible animation wise. Kei’s character design is a bit forboding but I’ll wait. Anyway, for more info check out ANN or Wiki
Now then, for Vampire Knight, they seem to be doing a lot right with the series although the manga for me got boring a bit ago. Vampire Knight’s character design looks like someone colored the manga very well. xDD I’m partial to Japanese vampire stories so…fu fu fu. But they’re keeping the drama cd cast for this. Yui Horie (Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket) and Mamoru Miyano (Tamaki from Ouran and Light from Deathnote) will be Yuki and Zero. Kaname’s voice actor Daisuke Kishio has been in some things I’ve seen but it’s been like Pokemon and mostly shounen series. But he was Kai in Hitohira and Azuma Yunoki in La Corda D’Oro ~primo passo~. But I haven’t mentioned that Jun Fukuyama is in this as well! xD He’s playing Aidou. So, I can see that voice well with Aidou. Anyway, more info at ANN and Wiki.


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